About Us

CAT IN Touch Ltd is an R&D company specialising in developing pastry, biscuits and muffins mixes with NO ADDED SUGAR, using sweeteners and  ingredients of natural origin. 

Costas Argyrides, the founder of Ygia Sugar Free, began his journey in research in sweet food products in 2014,  when  he was  diagnosed with a metabolic syndrome, for which he needed to minimise sugars from his diet.  His search in the food industry was disappointing, once he realized that most of the sweet food products were loaded with either chemical artificial sweeteners or sweeteners with extremely high Glycemic index. 

The challenge was not only to replace sugar but also to offer end products that are adding to the feel good factor. Therefore the pastries, biscuits muffins produced with the YGIA Sugar Free series are proving to be diabetic friendly and are also good for the health conscious. 

Based on  deep knowledge of food ingredients and nutrition, Costas Argyrides a vegan and University of Minnesota and College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate, realised the need for zero sugars and no added sugar food products, with natural origin sweeteners and having the taste and feeling of conventional desserts as a compass, he and his team have gradually developed the Ygia Sugar Free ready mixes in powder form for the catering industry.